About Us

History Since 1981

Typically, life is filled with many promises. You will be happy to know that at The Incredible Cheesecake Company, compromising our old-world methods of baking cheesecake will be out of the question. Each cake is handmade from the finest all-natural ingredients including the highest quality cream cheese, the best chocolates, authentic brand liquors, and fresh fruits.

Founded in 1981, our cakes have been made in small batches, and are baked and left open for over 3 hours. This method is unheard of in today’s mass production world, but what you get is a cheesecake that is as visually stunning as it is exceptional tasting.

Exceptional Taste

Due to the time and attention that is devoted to make each cake perfect in presentation, appeal and taste; we are limited to the number of cheesecakes that we can produce. Compromise? Not in our book! At The Incredible Cheesecake Company we don’t pretend to be all things to all people. We do proclaim to be the finest cheesecake baker in the world, reserved for a select few. From your first unforgettable taste, you will never think of cheesecake in the same way again. The smooth satin rich texture, and deeply satisfying flavors, imparts a sensation that has been compared with some of life’s most gratifying experiences. What better way to celebrate a special occasion, or simply share with friends and family over a cup coffee? One thing is for sure; life’s special moments will be indelibly imprinted in your memory over a slice of Incredible Cheesecake.

As a person of exceptional taste, we invite you to be one of the few that are privileged to receive the finest cheesecake in the world!

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